1.1 The present general conditions of sale, called hereafter " CGV ", apply to the sales of the vehicles of the company AUTO DECLIC, n° Siret 48169945200068, hereafter called " AUTO DECLIC " with its customers, namely the companies exerting, in a usual way, an activity of trade of motor vehicles.

Any sale of vehicle will be formalized by a "purchase order" which implies :

The CUSTOMER's full and unreserved acceptance of the GTCs as well as the order form relating to the sale concerned.
The CUSTOMER's waiver to apply, in any way and for any reason whatsoever, one or more provisions contrary to or not formally provided for in the GTC or the order form relating to the sale concerned.
1.2 The failure of AUTO DECLIC to exercise any remedy to which it is entitled under these GTCs because of any default or omission by the Partner shall not affect AUTO DECLIC's right to exercise any remedy or remedies to which it is entitled hereunder for any subsequent default of the same or a different kind or nature, or even for that which was not immediately remedied or claimed.
The presentations given by AUTO DECLIC in its communication supports are given only as an indication and not contractual. In particular, the graphic photos presentations are non-contractual and it’s the object of the sale without commitment of precision. Therefore, these data are not binding on AUTO DECLIC, which retains the right to modify any elements on its communication media. Only the text descriptions are authentic.
2.1 Any sale will be initialized by an order form established by AUTO DECLIC and duly validated by the CUSTOMER and signed by him and by AUTO DECLIC

2.2 Any validated order can not be canceled or modified, from the moment of its validation unless AUTO DECLIC written agreement in this sense, and except in cases of force majeure (see Article 4.7).

2.3 The order is assigned to the CUSTOMER. The order is not transferable to a third party, unless prior written agreement of AUTO DECLIC.
4.1 Except for specific provisions formalized on the Order Form, vehicle sales are understood to be "Departure from Storage Lot" in the city mentioned on the Order Form.

In the event that the CUSTOMER does not directly pick up the vehicle(s), the CUSTOMER will inform AUTO DECLIC of the name of the carrier to whom the vehicle(s) subject to the order should be confied

The CUSTOMER will then take possession of the vehicle on the agreed date and at the agreed location.

4.2 AUTO DECLIC will be able to deliver the order to the place indicated by the CUSTOMER after agreement of both parties on the conditions (price, place, time). This service will be explicitly mentioned on the order and will be the subject of the agreed billing.

In this case, AUTO DECLIC is free to choose the means of transport as well as the carrier.

AUTO DECLIC will indicate to the CUSTOMER the provisional delivery period of the vehicle. The delivery date will be communicated to the CUSTOMER by AUTO DECLIC as soon as AUTO DECLIC has the information allowing it to set said date

4.4 The transfer of risks takes place :

At the removal of the vehicle by the CUSTOMER at the place indicated for this purpose by AUTO DECLIC in the case of a sale "Departure from storage yard" (see Article 4.1).
Upon delivery of the vehicle to the place agreed on the order form in the case of a delivery by AUTO DECLIC (see article 4.2).
From that moment on, the vehicle which is the subject of the order is under the responsibility of the CUSTOMER who fully bears the risks of loss and, more generally, the damage which the said vehicle could suffer or cause - this for whatever reason and for whatever reason.

4.5 In case of delivery by AUTO DECLIC, the deadlines are given as an indication only. AUTO DECLIC will try to respect the delivery time initially communicated. However, any overrun will not give rise to any compensation or cancellation of the order.

4.6 Within the framework of a sale of several vehicles, the delivery could be carried out in a total way or divided, without giving place to any compensation or cancellation of the order

4.7 The occurrence of a case of force majeure releases AUTO DECLIC - on a temporary or definitive basis - from any delivery commitment, without compensation to the CUSTOMER. Such a situation includes - without this list being exhaustive - the following events: destruction affecting all or part of the seller's facilities, serious public disorder, armed conflicts, strikes, riots, governmental actions, epidemics, blockage of means of transport and communication, natural disasters, and more generally all events or causes outside the seller's control, hindering and/or stopping the seller's supplies and/or deliveries or those of its suppliers and/or service providers, and preventing AUTO DECLIC in good faith from carrying out delivery of the order.
Upon delivery of the vehicle (see Article 4), the CUSTOMER shall carry out all necessary examinations to detect any damage or non-conformities and shall verify, in particular, the nature, condition and characteristics of the vehicle and, more generally, shall ensure that the vehicle delivered conforms to the order concerned.

In all circumstances, any reservation or dispute relating to the conformity of the delivery must be formally communicated upon collection or receipt of the vehicle, in both cases

be mentioned by the CUSTOMER in an explicit and detailed manner on the transport voucher and be immediately brought to the attention of AUTO DECLIC by email, with supporting photos and confirmed within 3 working days directly to AUTODECLIC.
without prejudice to the provisions to be taken by the CUSTOMER with regard to the carrier(see Article 4.2).
No return of a vehicle can be made without the prior written consent of AUTO DECLIC

Any return granted will be made at the expense and risk of the CUSTOMER.

While waiting for a possible agreement of return, the above mentioned vehicle will be held at the disposal of the salesman in the premises of the CUSTOMER.

The CUSTOMER has the duty to provide AUTO DECLIC with all information and justification concerning the reported defect or non-conformity. If necessary, the CUSTOMER shall allow AUTO DECLIC, or any representative thereof, the opportunity to proceed with an examination of the vehicle and shall refrain from intervening himself before any formal agreement of AUTO DECLIC The failure of the CUSTOMER to comply with these provisions will exclude any recourse against AUTO DECLIC and will exonerate the latter from any possible liability.
The vehicle is sold by AUTO DECLIC as is and on the basis of the information available to AUTO DECLIC at the date of conclusion of the order.

AUTO DECLIC proceeds to an estimate of the costs of repairing the bodywork.

In the event of a discrepancy detected upon receipt, see Article 5.